Welcome to OLIS Teddy store!

I am a Ukraine based teddy bear artist.
Now my life and the creation of bears in the United Kingdom.

I have always loved creating things. As a child, I really liked to sew clothes for dolls. When my grandmother sometimes sewed something, I watched this process with interest. Subsequently, I learned to sew myself.
I started making dolls and toys in 2013 to take me mind off the hard work of an accountant.
I made dolls and toys for my daughter and gifts for friends and family. Then this occupation was for me only a favorite hobby, which later turned into a better job.
Now the creation of a toy gives a lot of scope to express yourself and make your fantasies come true. These works combine fabulous images and detailed clothing.
I like to create not just a toy, but a character with character. That is why Teddy Bears and their friends are interesting - in this style you can create serious, eccentric, and funny characters, make them as diverse as people can be.

I believe each of them will find their loving home!